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My first motorcycle was a 1976 red Honda 400 Four SS (Super Sport) with a white saddle that I bought in 1978. It passed away in 1992 when I went working abroad for the first time but it is still in my garage. It had 37 hp (CV) and the maximum speed was around 170 km/h.  It was a real cafe racer (meaning that I only used it to go to the cafe....

 Honda 400 Four SuperSport 
In 2001 I bought a new Red Ducati Monster 600 (53 hp)  and I started again riding  a bike. I loved driving it in the italian Alps. One of my first tour was done in Gavia Pass  in 2001.
Ducati Monster 600
When I started riding long trips, I realized that I needed more power and some bags and then I bought a new red Ducati ST4S (117 hp). With this  motorcycle I travelled in Italy Europe and Norway (up to Nordapp) for around 35.000 km. I still own this beauty.
Ducati ST4S 996
In 2011 I bought  the new Ducati Diavel  1198 (162 HP) that I saw one yaer before in 2011 at the Milano EICMA saloon. It is perfect for me. 
Ducati Diavel 1198
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